Epigenetics & Cancer
Annonce n° : 7706

Du 29 mai 2017 au 30 mai 2017
Lieu : paris
Pays : france
Présence d'exposants (matériels / réactifs ) : NON
Conférences : OUI
Présentation par posters : OUI

The following topics will be discussed in dedicated sessions:

1. Chromatin pathways and cancer
2. Epigenetics and metabolism deregulation in cancer
3. Non-coding RNA and cancer
4. Epigenetic Therapies
5. Epigenome driven cancer biomarkers

The conference aims to provide a unique opportunity to connect epigenetics communities, promote interdisciplinary interactions and links between academic research and industry. The BtoB sessions, co-organized with Instituts Carnot Curie Cancer and CALYM, will give you the opportunity to meet your future partners (researchers, clinicians, TTO, companies) to initiate new deals and collaborations.

We look forward to seeing you in May 2017 in the beautiful city of Paris for new scientific exchanges on Epigenetics & Cancer.

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Email : nfo@epigenetics-cancer.com
Web : www.epigenetics-cancer.com/

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